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It is easy for a business to claim they are “green” or environmentally friendly but what does that mean? To some it is recycling while to others it is investing in a hybrid fleet of cars, composting, and using geothermal energy. This can be confusing for both the consumer and the business. The Petal Project strives to provide businesses a clear sustainability framework and technical assistance from a Petal Project representative while creating a universally understood definition of a green business for consumers wising to shop based on their values.

11 in 2011

The Petal Project is a green business certification that is designed to help Eastern Iowa businesses adopt policies and practices that positively impact the environment and the company’s bottom line. The goal for 2011 is to recruit 11 businesses in the region to being the program. We are seeking large and small businesses from a variety of sectors.

Clarke University St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Four Mounds Bed & Breakfast  

The following companies begin the program in 2010 and are leading the green business movement in Eastern Iowa through their participation in the Petal Project:

Addoco, Inc IIW Engineers & Surveyors
Calico Bean Market Loras College
Dubuque Bank & Trust Welu Printing
Gronen Restoration Premier Tooling, Inc.
Finley Hospital