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Green Your Business

Want to become a “Petal Certified” business and reduce your environmental impact while saving money and resources? These steps have been designed as a guide for becoming certified. Join our email list for updates on the program and sustainability news and events. JOIN

REVIEW THE CRITERIA: The project’s certification criteria is available for download on the website. Review the criteria to see if your business is a good candidate for certification.

DECIDE: After looking at the criteria, decide if you want to become “Petal Certified”.

CONTACT US: Let us know that you are starting the program and a representatuve will be assigned to assist you throughout the process.

DOWNLOAD THE BUSINESS TOOLKIT: There are many resources, tools and templates available to assist your business. Everything you need to get started is in the toolkit. Download toolkit.

DEVELOP YOUR PLAN: Now that you have the toolkit in hand, gather a group of co-workers together to develop a plan of action for your business to meet the criteria.

EXECUTE THE PLAN: Becoming fully certified requires everyone in the business to participate. Make sure everyone is knowledgeable about the goals and understands the expectations.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: As you work through the criteria, document which items are completed, in progress, etc, who was responsible, and the location of any necessary documentation.

COMPLETE ALL PETALS: With the completion of each Petal, set up a meeting for a Petal Project representative to meet with you to verify that the criteria have been met.

BECOME FULLY CERTIFIED: Once your the business has completed all of the petals it will be recognized as a “Petal Certified” business, but the work doesn’t stop here.
RECERTIFICATION CLASS: A representative from a “Petal Certified” business is expected to attend one recertification class a year.

YEARLY REVIEW: To maintain the integrity of the program a yearly review will be conducted at all “Petal Certified” businesses. The business must continue to meet all of the Petal Project criteria to be recognized as a “Petal Certified” business.