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Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention Required Measures Download
1. Evaluate each area of your business to identify actual and potential sources of pollution, and ways to prevent it. Assess your office to develop an inventory of hazardous materials (cleaning products, building maintenance, pesticides, and fertilizers) in use regularly and identify ways to reduce their use. Check Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels for each product in use and identify safer alternatives. Call your local Household Hazardous Waste Program for disposal of hazardous substances not in use. (List of local Hazardous Waste Programs will be provided)
Review the list for your county.
2. Use recycled or remanufactured laser and copier toner cartridges unless high-quality copies are required for marketing.
3. Recycle printer and toner cartridges.
4. *Conduct a survey of employee interest in transportation alternatives and based on the survey results, develop incentives for employees to carpool, take mass transit, or ride their bikes to work (e.g. designated carpool parking spaces, gas cards,  offset bicycle cost, discounted bus fare, promote Bike to Work Week).  Download sample employee survey. Download FAQ sheet.
5. Collect items that are prohibited from the garbage (batteries, CFLs, cell phones and other electronics, etc.) and institute a program for their safe disposal.
6. Keep dumpsters covered and impermeable to rainwater. Keep them from overflowing and keep dumpster/parking areas clean.
7. Keep the company vehicles well maintained to prevent leaks and minimize emissions; encourage employees to do the same.
8. Maintain an inventory of the company fleet. The inventory must include make, model, model year, fuel type, annual vehicle miles traveled and gallons of fuel for one year. Set a goal for reducing the annuel vehicle miles traveld by the company fleet. Download template.
9. Develop a fleet greening plan and provide criteria for buying new and efficient vehicles. Provide a copy of your plan. Download sample.
10. Hold meetings via telecommunications and facilitate carpooling for offsite meetings where teleconferencing is not an option.
11. Provide secure bicycle storage for employees.
  Pollution Prevention - Business Specific Required Measures
12. Provide secure bicycle storage for costumers.
brown petal Pollution Prevention Optional Measures (complete 2 of the following)
13. Replace standard fluorescent lights with low mercury fluorescent lights.
14. Use unbleached and/or chlorine-free paper products (copy paper, paper towels, napkins, coffee filters, etc).
15. Have a bike kit on-site for employees who may have bicycle emergencies or problems.
16. Offer lockers and showers for employees who walk, jog or bicycle to work. Provide your own, or subsidize the cost of locker rentals and shower passes at a nearby health club.
17. Encourage bicycling to work by offering rebates on bicycles bought for commuting, or provide employees a stipend or subsidy for bicycle maintenance.
18. Provide car/van pool parking spaces.
19. Purchase renewable energy on an ongoing basis from your energy provider.
20. When sourcing with a commercial printer, request vegetable or other low-VOC inks.
21. Less than 200 employees - Contact the Iowa Waste Reduction Center for a free on-site assessment.
22. 100+ employees - Contact the IA DNR Pollution Prevention Services team for a free pollution prevention assessment.
  Pollution Prevention - Business Specific Optional Measures
23. Carefully plan delivery routes to eliminate unnecessary trips.
24. Purchase dishwashing detergents with reduced volatile organic compounds (VOCs, which are a source of air pollution).