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Business Toolkit
You don't need to start from scratch with the Petal Project. All criteria worksheets, resources, tools and templates can be downloaded in one simple step. Everything you need to get started is in the business toolkit.

Buyer Supplier Program
Buyer Supplier is a free service provided by Prosperity Eastern Iowa that facilitates regional purchasing by connecting buyers and sellers in Easter Iowa. By shifting 5% of purchases for goods and services from outside the region to local companies, $326 million could be directly added to the region. Prosperity Eastern Iowa includes the counties of Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones and the cities of DeWitt, Marion and Springville.

Iowa Waste Exchange
The Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) is one of the nation's premier materials exchange programs. There is a booming market for byproducts and wastes produced by Iowa institutions and businesses. Since 1990 the Iowa Waste Exchange has matched over 2.6 million tons, keeping waste out of landfills and into our economy saving Iowans $59.6 million by diverting this waste into production and use. The Program is designed to keep waste out of the landfills and in production. Many industry, business and even local governments dispose of items others can use.

EPA Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool that allows you to track and assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. Whether you own, manage, or hold properties for investment, Portfolio Manager can help you set investment priorities, identify under-performing buildings, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance. EPA Portfolio Manager Instructions

Iowa DNR Pollution Prevention Services
The DNR's Pollution Prevention Services offers no-cost, confidential and non-regulatory assistance designed to improve a company or organization's bottom line while benefiting the environment. Organizations working with Pollution Prevention Services have access to an assortment of waste reduction assistance, technology transfer opportunities, case studies, vendor lists, technical conferences and workshops, and waste exchange services.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center
For over 20 years, the IWRC has been providing expert environmental assistance to thousands of Iowa small businesses from all 99 counties. Services range from conducting an on-site review, assisting with environmental paperwork, or just answering questions. No matter what you need, the IWRC can assist you and if they can't, they will direct you to the person who can.

Waste Prevention 101
Source reduction and recycling can reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the manufacturing stage, can increase forest carbon sequestration, and avoid landfill methane emissions. This webinar will discuss strategies and solutions to increase recycling and reduce waste production at the workplace to achieve environmental benefits.

Energy Conservation 101
Energy use is a part of every facility's daily routine, however, the generation and use of energy can affect the environment. During this webinar you will find out what you can do at your workplace to conserve energy. Other topics will include an overview of current legislation and executive orders relating to energy and specific examples of what certain facilities are doing to conserve energy.

Water Conservation 101
Water is Earth's most precious resource and it is important to conserve it. This webinar gives tips and information about what individuals can do to reduce their water consumption. Topics include collecting rain water, water efficient products, and the incorporation of new technologies.

Waste Prevention 202
Significant strides in greenhouse gas reductions can be made by applying waste reduction strategies, composting, and recycling. The environmental benefits of composting, the specific practices of a military base to reduce emissions, and other waste reduction practices will be discussed in this webinar.

Waste Removal Resources

Cedar County Waste Removal Resources Dubuque County Waste Removal Resources
Clinton County Waste Removal Resources Jackson County Waste Removal Resources
Delaware County Waste Removal Resources Jones County Waste Removal Resources

List of Native Plant Species
Incorporating the native species of Iowa into your next landscaping project is a great way to promote Iowa’s natural fauna.  Native species also increase the probability of the plants survival while conserving resources. Native species are plants that have grown in Iowa for thousands of years and have evolved to meet the unique demands of Iowa’s climate. They are naturally resistant to disease and insects and are better suited to survive the different extremes of Iowa weather. The provided list contains native trees and shrubs that should be considered in your next landscaping project.

Iowa Green Meetings and Events Guide
The Iowa Green Meetings and Events Guide can help you green you next meeting or event by providing you with samples, checklists, contacts, information and resources for initial event planning, green purchasing, green venues and food choices, greening the registration process, minimizing the effects of transportation, and communicating the green message.

Green Roofs
American Rivers, a rivers and streams advocacy group developed a tool to help you calculate the energy and water savings that could result from the installation of a green roof.  The tool utilizes Google Maps technology to allow you to select all or part of your roof. The website also offers information about green infrastructure and case studies.

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