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Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Required Measures Download
1. Recycle or reuse paper including cardboard (corrugated cardboard boxes), mixed paper (junk mail, scrap and colored paper), newspaper, and office paper (white ledger, color paper, computer, large format, and copier paper).
2. Recycle glass, plastics, and aluminum products as specified by your recycling provider. Designate a recycling coordinator(s) to take responsibility for monitoring/maintaining proper waste diversion and conducting ongoing education.
3. Purchase copy, computer, and fax paper with a minimum 30% post consumer recycled content. Documentation from your paper provider will be required.
4. Purchase letterhead, envelopes, and business cards with a minimum 30% post consumer recycled content. Documentation from your printing vendor will be required.
5. Purchase marketing materials with a minimum 30% post-consumer recycled content. Documentation from your printing vendor will be required.
6. Purchase janitorial paper (toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels) that are certified Ecologo, Green Seal, or contain a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled content. Documentation from your vendor will be required.
7. In the lunch room/break room, replace disposables with permanent ware (mugs, dishes, utensils. etc.)
8. Use refillable containers for sugar, salt, pepper and other condiments to avoid disposable packets. To-go orders are exempt from this.
9. Make 2-sided printing and copying standard practice in your business (set all computers to print double sided by default).
10. Send internal memos electronically and discourage printing of them. If paper is used, use scratch paper that would have been otherwise recycled.
11. Use Caterers that do at least one of the following
a. Provide recyclable and/or compostable dishes and ensure their proper disposal
  b. Provide reusable dishware
  c. Compost food waste
  d. Purchase local or organic food
12. Sign up for the Iowa Waste Exchange program and meet with your IWE representative. Download receipt.
13. Sign up with the Buyer Supplier program and connect with regional buyers and sellers.
14. Minimize misprints by posting a diagram showing how to load paper, like letterhead and envelopes.
  Waste Reduction - Business Specific Required Measures
15. Eliminate the standard use of plastic bags and offer durable, reusable bags at checkout (paper bags made with minimum 40% post-consumer recycled content or BPI certified compostable bags acceptable)
16. Eliminate use of containers constructed from polystyrene (styrofoam).
yellow petal Waste Reduction Optional Measures (complete 4 of the following)
17. Purchase copy, computer, and fax paper with a minimum 100% post consumer recycled content
18. Conduct on going education about recycling, composting, waste reduction, and other environmental topics. Document dates and methods (emails, meetings, lunch presentations, etc.).
19. Designate an individual or team to create and maintain programs for recycling and composting.
20. Centralize employee schedules, meeting announcements and journals in a single location (bulletin board, white board, email, etc.) to reduce printed copies.
21. Reduce the number of garbage bin liners by reusing bags, having selective use of unlined bins, or reducing the amount of garbage bins (please note that recycling bins should not have liner bags. If using bags for composting bins, they must be BPI certified).
22. Keep a stack of previously used paper near printers. Use it for scratch paper or internal memos, make it into notepads, or designate a bypass tray on printer for printing draft single-sided documents.
23. Donate, sell, exchange or recycle unwanted but usable items (furniture, supplies, electronics, office supplies, etc.).
24. Eliminate paper hand towels by installing air hand dryers in restrooms.
25. Use cloth instead of paper napkins and tablecloths.
26. Practice efficient copying by using the size reduction feature (e.g. print two pages of a document on one page, set word processing defaults for smaller fonts and margins).
27. Eliminate paper documents by having electronic forms and contracts.
28. Send and receive documents/faxes directly from computers without printing.
29. Use a corrugated or recyclable board in place of foam core boards.
30. Eliminate individual bottles of water for employees or guests.
  Waste Reduction - Business Specific Optional Measures
31. Offer an incentive to customers who bring their own shopping bags, coffee mugs, etc. and/or use a disincentive such as charging a fee for disposable containers and bags.
32. Offer durable, reusable bags at checkout.
33. For restaurants without table service, set up a program for front of the house recycling and composting.